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The way cardholders pay is changing.

Chip cards are here in the U.S. to provide advanced security with every transaction. Ready to go chip?

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Ready to go chip?

Cardholders are learning about chip cards. Show them you care about their information security by making the move to chip. Issuing chip cards will ensure that you and your cardholders are better protected from fraud.

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What are chip cards, and why should we issue them?

Chip cards are payment cards that have an embedded chip. Cardholders are going to learn to check for the chip for more secure in store transactions and will expect you to issue them a chip card soon. Your cardholders carry multiple cards in their wallets, and you want to be sure that yours is the one that they select because they feel safe and secure using it. Show them you care by issuing chip cards now.

Questions? Check our FAQs

How do cardholders use their chip cards to pay in store?

These basic steps will help ensure a successful transaction:

During the transition to chip, instruct your cardholders to swipe their card as they normally would and follow the prompts. If the terminal is chip-enabled, it will prompt them to insert it instead. If the cardholder already knows their chip card works in a store, they can start by inserting their card.

Cardholders should insert their card with the chip toward the terminal, facing up. The chip card should not be removed until the cardholder is prompted.

The cardholder will provide their signature or PIN as prompted by the terminal. Some transactions may not require either.

When the terminal says the transaction is complete, the cardholder can remove their card.